Contest Starting Soon @Westfield Carousel 19th Oct – 1st Nov 2020


WHAT & WHY: As a new local Perth Business, Fika Edge decides to promote its brand and products by giving away 3 prizes through a photo contest.

WHERE & WHEN: The small photo contest will be held at our Pop-up booth in Westfield Carousel from 19th Oct – 1st Nov 2020 (MAP HERE).

HOW: Come down to our pop-up booth @Westfield Carousel during the contested period. Take a photo of (or with) our chosen product and post it on your Instagram with the correct hashtags. Top 3 best entry photos win the prize.

ALTERNATIVE HOW: If you cannot come to Westfield Carousel you can take a photo/video of your shoe collection and specify in the caption why you want to win our Giant Shoe Box. Share this with the correct hashtags on your Instagram and you will be in the running for the ‘Runner-up Prizes‘. See entry details.




2ND prize



  • Fully customisable (colours/designs)
  • Dimension(LWH): 56x34x21CM
  • Approx Space: 2 pairs of shoes

*Please note that this Accessory Box has no drawer




Sneaker Nanoblock

  • Sneaker nanoblock has 4 colours to select from
  • Dimension (LWH): 15×9.6x9CM
  • Fun brainteasers while also promotes relaxation

Sneaker Cleaning Kit

  • Famous UK ‘Men’s Society’ Brand
  • The  box comes with 2 sneaker cleaning fluid and an application brush

How to enter


For ‘Runner-Up Prizes’ Only

Fika edge Pop-up Booth will be here (Westfield Carousel Ground Floor, Oppo Smiggle and Adidas) From 19Oct – 1st Nov 2020


I don’t live in Perth WA. Can I enter the contest?

Unfortunately, No. This is a local event as we cannot accommodate free delivery to other states at this point. But please subscribe to our mailing list for the future National Giveaway Event.

I don’t have an Instagram account. Can I still enter the contest?

Unfortunately, no. In order to view all the entry photos, we need to use the specified hashtag search on Instagram. Therefore, we will not be able to find your entry photo if you do not have an Instagram account. But signing up for an Instagram account is quick and easy!

Can I use someone else’s Instagram account to enter the contest?

Yes. You can use your friends or family Instagram account providing they did not already enter the contest. But please be mindful that we will notify the winner through the IG account associated with the entry photo. So please make sure they notify you if you are selected as a prize winner.

Can I submit multiple entry photos?

No. We only allow one entry photo per a unique Instagram and email account.

I’ve already submitted an entry photo. Can I make changes to it?

Yes. You can make as many changes to your entry photo as long as it’s before the contest deadline (i.e. 1st Nov 2020 12am). This includes coming down to our pop-up booth again and re-take a new photo. But please note we only allow 1 entry photo per a unique email/Instagram account. So, you’d have to delete your previous entry photo and re-post a new one.

Is there a theme to this photo contest?

Yes, we do have a soft theme and that is ‘Make It Shine!’ – Do whatever it takes to make our shoe box shine.

Do I have to be in the entry photo?

No. You do not need to be in the entry photo if you do not wish to. The main thing is to take a picture of the contested product.

What/Who can be in the entry photo?

Anything and Anyone! The only requirement is to have the contested product in your entry photo (The theme is ‘Make It Shine’ after all). But besides the contested product, anything (e.g. your own props) and anyone (you, your friends/family) can be in the entry photo.

How long does the contest run for?

The photo contest will run for 2 weeks from 19th Oct 9am – 1st Nov Midnight.

When are the winners announced?

The winners will be announced on the 4th of Nov after 12pm.

How do you decide the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner?

Each entry photo will be judged out of 10 points in accordance with the winning criteria stated on PART 2 of the Photo Contest T&C page. First winner is the entry photo with the highest point. Second winner will have 2nd highest point, and third winner will have the 3rd highest point.

If I enter the contest via the Alternative Entry Method. Can I win the 1st Prize?

Unfortunately no. The 1st prize is reserved only for contestants who can make it to Westfield Carousel and take a photo of our Giant Shoe Box during the contested period. Winners by alternative entry method will receive runner-up prizes.

How will the winners be notified?

We will notify the winners through:

  1. Tagging the winners IG to their entry photos which will appear on our Instagram and Facebook page
  2. Direct message to the associated IG account
  3. Sending mass emails to the email addresses provided in subscription forms
Will I receive the prize right away?

1st and 2nd Prize Winner – No, this is because we build our shoebox from scratch and it will take about 8-9 weeks for it to be designed, built (and shipped) according to your preferences. Nonetheless, if there is a Shoe Box that you like in our existing stock, then YES you will receive your prize within 2-3 days. 

3rd Prize Winner – Yes, we will dispatch your prize as soon as you have provided us your delivery address.

What designs and colours can I choose?

You can go with whichever colours, designs and personalisations as you wish since it is built only for you. Saying that, we do have small limitations so feel free to discuss it with us first.

What materials are you using to make the Giant Shoebox
  • 14-16mm MDF woods 
  • Matt or glossy laminate sheets cover
  • High gloss-finish paint on the inside
  • Finished with custom vinyl decals designs of your choice
Can I exchange the winning prize with something else?

You cannot exchange the winning prize with money. However, we allow you to exchange it to a voucher equivalent to the value of the winning prize. That is if you are the 1st prize winner, you can exchange the prize with a $350 voucher. This voucher has an expiration date of 1 year and can be used to purchase anything on our website.

Where do I pick-up my winning prize?

You can arrange for a pick-up at our allocated address (postcode 6054 – Full address will be given on the day of your pick-up).

Can I get my prize delivered to my address?

Yes, you can. We can deliver the winning prize to you for FREE as long as your delivery address is located within 25km of Perth CBD radius.

However, if your delivery address is located outside the 25km Perth CBD radius, you will have to take care of the postage fee (delivery fee charges are in accordance to Australian Post).

Exemption : 3rd Prize will be delivered to the winner for free anywhere in WA.